Please provide emergency contact information below,
in case we need to use it while you are working at the conference.


  • Available to work the full 2-day conference.
    Receives volunteer t-shirt and lunches.

  • Willing to work for at least a 4-hour portion of the 2-day conference. Must purchase a conference attendee registration to access the conference workshops, keynotes, & exhibit hall.
    Receives volunteer t-shirt.
    (Also receives lunch if volunteering to work one full day.)


  • Recording Team Members are assigned to serve under the direction of our Conference Recording Coordinator during the conference. This will include operating and monitoring the recording equipment during speaker workshops and keynote sessions.

  • AV and IT Team Members meet speaker, staff , and attendee needs as they work with our media equipment. You must be familiar with Mac and/or PC computers (and their connections with a variety of display options) and be able to troubleshoot and correct connection difficulties.

  • Exhibit Hall Assistants assist our Exhibit Hall Coordinator to ensure that our exhibitors are well cared for before, during, and after the conference. These responsibilities may include: running errands, helping at exhibit booths as needed, and assisting with exhibitor registration.

  • Hospitality Team Members assist in our workshop room areas, distributing workshop materials, recording room head counts, etc. At the end of each session, you will check your assigned area, collect loose materials and take any lost-and-found items to the Homeschool Iowa booth.

  • Registration Team Members are the first “faces” people see at our conference. You will receive complete instructions on your duties during the required brief training session prior to your shift. (This will be before 8am if you are volunteering for Friday morning registration. We count on you to wear your best smile and to be courteous & friendly!

  • Security Team Members will be responsible to watch various conference entrances, checking each person for required wristbands and directing persons who have no wristbands to the registration area.

  • If you serve as a Homeschool Iowa Board member, a Regional Representative, a Special Needs Advisor, or as a member of the Conference Planning Team and you will be serving in that capacity at the conference, select this option.

PLEASE NOTE: We have already sent in our t-shirt order, which we did supplement with a few extras. At this time, you may still provide your size request below, but we cannot guarantee that we will have a t-shirt your size. Thank you!


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